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J & J Racing, Ltd. has been repairing cast magnesium and aluminum parts for the motorsports community for over 25 years.

Casting Repairs

"All the repair work is done in house"

Whether it's an upright / hub carrier, adapter housing / plate, gearbox case, etc. chances are we can repair it for you. All the repair work is done in house. From initial zyglo inspection to weld repairs and on through finish machining, our staff does it all under our roof. This way we are able to control quality and scheduling from start to finish.

A short walk through of the repair process includes:

1) Cleaning - The damaged part is cleaned in a high pressure hot tank to remove contaminants on the surface, as well as inside the cracked / broken area.

2) Initial zyglo inspection - This is a process used in the aircraft and motorsports industry to detect cracks in non ferrous metals. The broken part is put in a wet bath of Magna Flux brand test fluid. The purpose of this is to invade the cracked area with a fluorescent dye. The part is then thoroughly cleaned and a developer solution is applied. Once dry, the part goes to the Magna Flux booth to be viewed under a special ultra violet light. This can show additional cracks found in areas surrounding the damage site, as well as other areas of the casting.

3) Evaluation - The part is evaluated to see if it is repairable. Many factors enter into the decision making. Obviously the extent of visual damage is a factor, but location of the damage, extent of deformation of unbroken material and labor required for welding and machining is all factored in. We will then provide an estimate of repairs before going further. Not all castings are repairable. We will advise you if your part is not repairable.

4) Weld repairs - We remove any damaged material as needed. Determine what type of inert gas shield / purging system should be used for the particular repair. The casting is then pre heated and welded. After the weld repair is completed, the casting goes through a controlled cool down.

5) Finish machining - After the broken part has been welded, we set up the part in a fixture on a milling machine. We have Bridgeport milling machines with digital read out computer measuring systems which measure to the tenth of a thousandth of an inch on all four axis's for extreme accuracy. We locate any pick up points or bolt circles which have been repaired and machine as needed.  We have blueprints for many parts from popular cars such as Swift, Ralt, Lola, Crossle, March, Van Diemen etc. also Hewland and Staffs transmission cases.

In the event that we do not have a blueprint of the part you need repaired, we may ask you for a sample part, for instance an upright from the undamaged side of your car. If sample parts are not available we will reverse engineer to get the dimensions we need.

6) Final Inspection - After all phases of the repair are completed, the part goes back to Zyglo inspection to detect any possible flaws in the repair.

Casting repairs are billed on a time and material basis. As is mentioned above, we would be glad to quote your specific repair needs. Contact us for more information.



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