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÷HLINS Shocks - Formula, GT, Sportscar 

÷hlins 46HRC Racing series 


The ÷hlins new line of racing shock absorbers are all based on the race proven ÷hlins type 46HRC, a shock absorber featuring a large 46 mm (46) piston for quick response, a hose mounted reservoir (H) for better cooling and separate rebound (R) and compression damping (C) adjusters.

Total shock absorber length, spring travel and damping forces are developed just for your car. The design and the settings are consequently the results of extensive testing and no guesswork!

The new ÷hlins Racing line of shock absorbers are based on ÷hlins successful application of the "de Carbon" concept. In short, that means that the damping oil is put under gas pressure, and separated from the gas by a floating piston.

The de Carbon concept has many advantages. It prevents the risk of cavitation, that can wear out internal components and cause inconsistent damping, and it eliminates aeration of the damping oil, which also causes inconsistent damping.

It improves the cooling, because the oil is in direct contact with the outer tubing. It gives more consistent damping, regardless of the shock absorber's working temperature, and it makes the shock absorber last longer.

The large shock absorber reservoir, connected to the shock absorber body by a hose, is in fact an "extension" of the main body and contributes to the improved cooling. The reservoir contains the floating piston and the gas that pressurises the damping oil.




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