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ÖHLINS Shocks - Formula, GT, Sportscar 

Öhlins TT44 series

The TT44 range
1. Öhlins TT44 "straight piggyback".
2. Öhlins TT44 "offset piggyback".
3. Öhlins TT44 "hose".
4. Öhlins TT44 "narrow piggyback" in 36
     mm spring configuration.
5. Öhlins TT44 optional 4-way adjuster.
6. Öhlins TT44 hydraulic preload adjuster.

The Öhlins TT44 damper design is the culmination of two decades of Öhlins successful participation in world championship events. This damper draws on all the expertise developed by Öhlins while winning more than 60 World Championships.
The Öhlins TT44 damper is designed to handle the demanding damping characteristics needed for all types of tracks, from street courses to super speedways.
The ability to create high damping forces at very short strokes, combined with powerful adjusters, will give you outstanding performance and offer many new possibilities.
The Öhlins TT44 features a patented concept with a unique double wall design and two adjustable bleed valves to control the flow between these tubes. These valves control the initial compression and rebound damping and are check-valved to be completely independent of each other. They meter the oil flow created by the main piston area, not the flow created by shaft area displacement. This translates to low internal pressure during the compression stroke.
Even though damping force builds rapidly, the low internal pressure prevents high friction from the shaft seal. The result is excellent short stroke/high force performance.
The temperature stability is maintained by using a flow restriction design in the bleed valves that create a turbulent flow at very low piston velocities. Materials with different thermal expansion rates are used to compensate for the viscosity change of the oil caused by changes in temperature.
Thanks to the unique design of the bleed valves (they are not tapered needles working in a fixed orifice) every step (click) of the adjusters produces equal and predictable changes in force in the normal operating range. Optimum settings are easy to find.
The Öhlins shim system with the ring-shim preload device offers infinite combinations of shim stacks, giving you the possibility to create just about any damping curve your mind can imagine, only limited by the laws of physics. All this with just one piston design.
The reservoir has a traditional adjustable needle bleed valve in parallel with it's own shim stack which works only during the compression cycle. The whole system is pressurised by nitrogen gas behind a floating piston to insure separation of the gas and oil.
As an option there is an additional compression control adjuster available, providing a total of 4 external adjusters. This pressure regulated valve, unique in many ways, controls only the pressure over the main piston. It gives new possibilities in shaping damping curves. For instance "double knee" curves can be produced easily.




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